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Aico Ei144 Heat Alarm - Mains powered
Aico Ei144 Heat Alarm - Mains powered
Aico Ei144 Heat Alarm - Mains powered

Aico Ei144 Heat Alarm - Mains powered

£27.40 (inc. VAT)

Model: Ei144

The Aico Ei144 Heat Alarm runs on 230V AC mains power, and has a 9V PP3 Alkaline Battery back-up capable of lasting up to 4 years in standby mode and capable of powering the alarm for up to 2 years without mains power.

The alarm gives a fire warning when adequate heat enters the alarm.

The alarm is supplied with an Easi-fit base that allows very quick and simple installation of the smoke alarm, combined with simple alarm head removal and replacement. The Easi-fit base automatically connects both mains power and battery as the alarm slides on.

The alarm has other advanced features such as built in circuitry to aid suppression of voltage transients and RF interference to further reduce the chances of false alarms under such conditions.

Operating Functions

  • The green indicator will illuminate to show mains power is present
  • The red indicator will flash every 40 seconds to show that the alarm has performed an automatic self test
  • The red indicator will flash rapidly to show an alarm condition for the alarm that has triggered
  • The Test/Hush button will either silence false alarms (if briefly pressed) or to perform a self test (if pressed and held)
  • In Test mode the alarm will perform a self test and sound the horn
  • In Hush mode the alarm enters a ten-minute period of reduced sensitivity to overcome false alarm conditions. It will then automatically reset itself
  • When interconnected to other Ei mains powered alarms, an alarm on one unit will trigger all other interconnected alarms (only the triggered alarm will flash a red indicator)
  • The alarm will emit a beep every 40 seconds to indicate that the battery back-up is depleted and needs replacing
Additional Information
  • Sensor Type: Thermistor Operates at 58C
  • Supply Voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
  • Battery Back-up: 9V Alkaline Replaceable
  • Sound Level: 85dB(A) at 3m
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 40C
  • Humidity Range: 15% to 95% relative humidity
  • Button Test: Simulates a high temperature to check the Thermistor, electronics and horn
  • Plastic Material: UL 94 V0 flame retardant
  • Dimensions Product: 150mm dia. x 60mm
  • Dimensions Boxed: 155mm x 155mm x 70mm
  • Weight: 325g (product only), 350 (boxed)
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Approvals: BS 5446-2:2003

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  • Type:
    Heat Alarm
  • Mains Powered:
  • Battery Backup:
    9V Replaceable
  • EAN:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Warranty:
    5 Year
  • Brand:
  • Condition:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight: