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D-Line SAFEDFCLIP30/100 F-Clip 30 Fire Rated 18th Edition Flat Form Cable Clips (100 Pack)

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D-Line SAFEDFCLIP30/100 F-Clip 30 Fire Rated 18th Edition Flat Form Cable Clips (100 Pack)

Clip & Comply to 18th Edition Regulations - Flex, Fit, Fold

Having invented the first fire-rated clips that could be fixed to substrates, or in PVC trunkings, D-Line acknowledge how cable management can literally be a matter of life and death in fire conditions, requiring an uncompromising approach to installations

To provide assurance and peace of mind, all D-Line Safe-D products have been certified by Exova Warringtonfire.

Tests confirmed that all products can hold cables secure in temperatures of 930C (+40 -0C) for 2 hours at a voltage of 500V rms. And Safe-D products withstand required levels of shock, vibration and water spray.
Copies of reports are available on request.

D-Line Safe-D Clips were the first fire-rated clips that could be installed in non-metallic trunkings. Produced from non-alloy high temperature steel, D-Line Safe-D Clips are fully tested and certified as capable of supporting cables in temperatures of 970C for 2 hours, allowing time to evacuate densely populated buildings.

After firstly securing the Safe-D Clips in trunking, or direct to surface (ideally at 300mm intervals for horizontal installation, or 400mm vertically) installers simply fold over thumb-friendly tabs to hold the cables.

Range Features

Safe-D F-Clip 30 is a fire-rated flexible cable clip that is supplied in flat form, and can be quickly folded to make a variety of shapes to most effectively secure cable installations.

Users simply fold upright those notches which are either side of the 5.7mm fixing hole; to make a U-shape for use in 25x16mm mini-trunking, or D-Line 30x15mm mini-trunking.

The flat-form is also ideal for shot-fired fixings which can be first-fixed, before sides are inwardly folded to effectively wrap around cables.

Side notches can also be used to thread steel fixing bands, useful for securing larger bundles of cables.

Installers should use a fire-rated fixing, such as D-Line D-Fixings, and then simply fold-over tabs to secure cables.

    Supplied flat
        - Space efficient and pocket friendly
        - Easier handling - to save installation time
        - Easy folding to consider space and cable volume
        - Perfect for shot fired fixings   
  • Fully safety tested and certified as BS5839 part 1 compliant.
  •     >1200c melting point
  •     Non-corrosive finish
  •     3x fixing holes for versatility, ideal for use with D-Line D-Fixings
  •     Thumb friendly, rounded corners, 20mm wide, and pliable for easy installation
  •     Fit direct to surface, or in PVC trunkings
  •     Easy to later add or remove cable(s)
  •     Uniquely versatile - for shaping as required
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