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D-Line SAFEDFCLIP50/50 F-Clip 50 Fire Rated 18th Edition Flat Form Cable Clips (50 Pack)

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D-Line SAFEDFCLIP50/50 F-Clip 50 Fire Rated 18th Edition Flat Form Cable Clips (50 Pack)

Clip & Comply to 18th Edition Regulations - Flex, Fit, Fold

Having invented the first fire-rated clips that could be fixed to substrates, or in PVC trunkings, D-Line acknowledge how cable management can literally be a matter of life and death in fire conditions, requiring an uncompromising approach to installations

To provide assurance and peace of mind, all D-Line Safe-D products have been certified by Exova Warringtonfire.

Tests confirmed that all products can hold cables secure in temperatures of 930C (+40 -0C) for 2 hours at a voltage of 500V rms. And Safe-D products withstand required levels of shock, vibration and water spray.
Copies of reports are available on request.

D-Line Safe-D Clips were the first fire-rated clips that could be installed in non-metallic trunkings. Produced from non-alloy high temperature steel, D-Line Safe-D Clips are fully tested and certified as capable of supporting cables in temperatures of 970C for 2 hours, allowing time to evacuate densely populated buildings.

After firstly securing the Safe-D Clips in trunking, or direct to surface (ideally at 300mm intervals for horizontal installation, or 400mm vertically) installers simply fold over thumb-friendly tabs to hold the cables.

Range Features

Safe-D F-Clip 50 is a fire-rated flexible cable clip that is supplied in flat form, and can be quickly folded to make a variety of shapes to most effectively secure cable installations.

The first notches (either side of the 5.7mm hole) can be simply folded to make vertical tabs; with the base being perfect for use in 50mm width non-metallic trunking. The locking tab can then be passed through any opposing notch, according to the volume of cables to be secured.

Being 165mm long, this F-Clip is most versatile, and can be easily shaped however required, while users appreciate the pocket-friendly design saves handling and fitting time. In fire-conditions D-Line fire clips can withstand 970C for at least 2 hours, assuring that cable installations will not collapse. F-Clips have been extensively fire-tested on both wall planes and underside ceilings.

Installers should use a fire-rated fixing, such as D-Line D-Fixings, and then simply fold-over tabs to secure cables.

    Supplied flat
        - Space efficient and pocket friendly
        - Easier handling - to save installation time
        - Easy folding to consider space and cable volume
        - Perfect for shot fired fixings
  •     Fully safety tested and certified to BS5839 part 1 compliant
  •     >1200c melting point
  •     Non-corrosive finish
  •     Locking feature to hold cables most securely simply push the tab through the preferred notch
  •     Locking tabs can be return-folded for a more secure installation
  •     3x fixing holes for versatility, ideal for use with D-Line D-Fixings
  •     Fit direct to surface, or in PVC trunkings
  •     Easy to later add or remove cable(s) - Can be opened/closed up to 5x

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