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Dimplex PLXE Slimline Panel Heaters

£113.39 (inc. VAT)
Introducing the brand new Dimplex panel heater range!

This stunning range is now slim and ecodesigned for lot 20 legislation. It is a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to stick to the modern flare within their homes . With a beautifully natural and seamless  white colour, a light curving around the edges and a louvered grille to dress the neck line, this would be perfect for any room that needs a little extra boost.

It features a CapSense controller, with its backlit LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons. The smart design and unique appearance of this controller really boosts that modern element within a room.

Programmed heating schedule, ONLY for the exact the amount of time required to meet your needs. If you were to need your room to desired temperature of 20 DegreeC before work(maybe at 8am)the Adaptive Start encourages the heater to begin heating BEFORE 8am. Without this the heater will only begin heating at 8am.

These panel heaters are also splash-proof for use in bathrooms and complies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive.
Please note as these are brand new we are awaiting stock and it could be a 7-10 working day delay on those.
  •     Programmable room temperatures and heating time periods.
  •     Multiple seven-day timer profiles.
  •     Electronic thermostat accurate to within 0.2 DegreeC.
  •     Energy-saving technologies such as Adaptive Start and Open Window Detection.
Previous ModelReplacement Model (Lot 20)New Model Dimensions (mm) (kg)
(TI, TX, NC)
PLX050E Depth: 108     Weight: 4.6
 Height: 430    Width: 430
(TI, TX, NC)
PLX075E Depth: 108     Weight: 5.9
 Height: 430    Width: 620
(TI, TX, NC)
PLX100E Depth: 108     Weight: 5.9
 Height: 430    Width: 620
(TI, TX, NC)
PLX125E Depth: 108     Weight: 6.1
 Height: 430    Width: 690
(TI, TX, NC)
PLX150E Depth: 108     Weight: 6.1
 Height: 430    Width: 690
(TI, TX, NC)
PLX200E Depth: 143     Weight: 7.8
 Height: 430    Width: 860
(TI, TX, NC)
PLXC300E Depth: 143     Weight: 8.7
 Height: 430    Width: 860
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