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Heat Mat FRO-TEM-SENS External Air Temperature Sensor

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Heat Mat FRO-TEM-SENS External Air Temperature Sensor

The FRO-TEM-SENS is an external air temperature sensor for use with Heat Mat snow melting systems which is compatible with numerous Heat Mat controllers.

Roof heating systems are suitable for preventing significant build-ups of snow on flat roofs, which could lead to the roof collapsing. These systems are also suitable for preventing localised snowdrift build-up on roofs against neighbouring buildings.

Custom made ice and snow melting thermostats monitor the air temperature and can control two separate zones independently to ensure the system works effectively. The addition of moisture sensors in the gutters or on the roof will cut the running costs by up to 80% by ensuring that the system only heats when it is cold, and there is moisture present.

System specification

From a simple five meter gutter system, through to a 20,000m2 roof heating project, every application is individually specified to ensure that the most suitable system is offered. Heat Mat offer the widest range of ice and snow protection systems in the UK, and you can be assured that virtually whatever your requirements there will be a suitable system to meet them.

Roof & Gutter Heating System Key Features

  • Fully automated prevention of dangerous ice and snow build-up on roofs and in gutters.
  • Prevent gutters collapsing due to the weight of ice and snow.
  • Ensure walkways and roads beneath roofs do not suffer from potentially dangerous falling icicles or snow.
  • Prevent roofs collapsing on factories and warehouses due to the weight of large build-ups of snow.
  • Avoid the expense of having to structurally strengthen old roofs if new buildings are built abutting them, by preventing the risk of snowdrifts against the new wall.
  • A wide variety of thermostat and control options suited to each systems individual requirement.
  • Save up to 80% on normal running costs by using our moisture sensors, which prevent the system activating unless there is moisture present.

Trace heating v constant Wattage cables

Although trace heating cables are entirely suitable for heating gutters and roofs, and are occasionally the only option, quality trace heating comes with a premium price tag. To compliment our trace heating cable Heat Mat has developed a constant Wattage outdoor heating cable for roofs and gutters which is significantly less expensive than self-limiting cable, while remaining UV stable and highly protected against the elements. This provides a great value roof and gutter heating system which also has an expected life of more than 25 years.

Gutter Heating Accessories

In addition to the gutter heating cables Heat Mat offer a comprehensive range of fitting accessories to allow the simple installation of the heating system. These accessories include clips for holding the cables in the gutter and spacing them apart, and chains and suspension beams to ensure the downpipes are heated correctly to ensure the safe removal of the meltwater. There is also a range of cable fixing bands suitable for fixing cables in drainage valleys and water hoppers.

System Life and Running Costs

All of Heat Mat’s roof and gutter heating systems have a life expectancy of more than 25 years, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t operate for more than 50 years. The running costs of the system will depend on the control gear used (moisture sensors reduce running costs by around 80%), the local weather conditions and how much snow there is each winter. For gutter heating systems using a moisture sensor, a running cost of around 70p per meter per year or less would be expected in most areas of the UK. Costs in particularly cold parts of the country will actually be less, as the snow will not melt each day therefore the gutters will remain ice free once they are first cleared.

The costs of operating a roof heating system vary considerably depending on how they are used, however in many years there would be no requirement to power them up at all unless significant snow was expected. In fact a layer of snow on a roof acts as a great insulator, lowering the heating bills of the building below.

Roof Heating Systems

The most common reasons for installing a large roof heating system are to prevent roof collapse due to heavy snow build-up, or where new equipment needs to be suspended from the roof and the architect needs to lower the requirement for snow loading from the calculations. Heat Mat has the expertise to specify a heating system and bespoke fixing accessories which will fulfil the requirements regardless of the roof type or material.
Very often it is not necessary to heat the entire roof and alternative options can be looked at, such as preferentially heating the weakest sections of the roof. Heat Mat can work with your structural engineer to ensure that the most effective system is supplied with the most reasonable costs for purchase, installation and running.

Why Choose Heatmat

Heat Mat’s electric underfloor heating mats are independently BEAB and Semko approved, manufactured in Denmark in our BEAB approved factory, and supplied with a Lifetime Warranty. They are also certified by Semko as having a very low EMC radiation, which is a result of their twin conductor design and 100% aluminium earth shield.

With more than 1,400,000m2 of underfloor heating installed, 22 years’ experience of the UK underfloor heating market and a wealth of knowledge on Scandinavian ice and snow melting systems, you can rely on Heat Mat to understand your needs and supply the products to satisfy your requirements.

This is why they are the Professionals’ Choice, the number one supplier of electric underfloor heating and ice and snow melting systems to the UK’s professional installation market.

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