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* For all enquiries please call 02380 201 948, free delivery on all orders over £90 inc! *
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Heat Mat PKC 3mm Flexible Undertile Heating

A flexible simple to fit heating system designed to provide energy efficient floor warming or a full heating system as desired. This electric underfloor heating cable is particularly suited to small or complicated areas where heating mats can be more complicated to install.

The systems output is varied by altering the spacing of the heating cable, allowing 200W/m2 to be installed in conservatories and similar high heat loss areas. An additional benefit of this system is that it can be used beneath virtually any floor covering if covered with a levelling compound and installed with an output of no more than 160W/m2.

  • When installed at 200W/m2 this system is suitable for providing a full room heating system, even in high heat loss areas such as conservatories
  • Perfect for floor warming or room heating in standard rooms when installed at 160W/m2
  • Alter the heat output to match your individual requirements - outputs from 80W/m2 to 230W/m2 are possible
  • When used with Heat Mat's intelligent thermostat timers this heating cable provides a more energy efficient and cost effective heating system than lower powered alternatives
  • Particularly economic to purchase, and can be installed onto thermal insulation boards to provide a faster reacting and more economic heating system
  • Significantly quicker to install than some alternative systems as there is no need to cover the entire heating cable with masking tape due to its high strength outer insulation

Key Features

  • Ideal for use in small or complicated rooms due to the flexible nature of the heating cable
  • The heat output can be altered over the room to match your individual requirements; provide additional heat in front of doors or in 'cold corners' of the room
  • Ideal for tiled floors, and also perfect for use beneath carpet, bonded-wood and vinyl surfaces if first covered with a flexible levelling compound
  • Ultra-thin fluoropolymer insulated cable ensures minimal build height, and robust outer insulation means there is no requirement to cover the cable with tape before laying your floor covering
  • Advanced dual conductor cable design means only one connection lead
  • A large range of standard sizes which can be mixed and matched to ensure the perfect fit
  • Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty and independently BEAB and Semko approved
  • Made in Denmark

Why Choose Heatmat

Heat Mat’s electric underfloor heating mats are independently BEAB and Semko approved, manufactured in Denmark in our BEAB approved factory, and supplied with a Lifetime Warranty. They are also certified by Semko as having a very low EMC radiation, which is a result of their twin conductor design and 100% aluminium earth shield.

With more than 1,400,000m2 of underfloor heating installed, 22 years’ experience of the UK underfloor heating market and a wealth of knowledge on Scandinavian ice and snow melting systems, you can rely on Heat Mat to understand your needs and supply the products to satisfy your requirements.

This is why they are the Professionals’ Choice, the number one supplier of electric underfloor heating and ice and snow melting systems to the UK’s professional installation market.


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Heat Mat PKC 3mm Undertile Heating

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