Kewtech EZYPAT PRO KIT The Complete Office Manual PAT Testing Kit

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Kewtech EZYPAT PRO Kit The Complete Office Manual PAT Testing Kit
Kewtech EZYPAT Battery Operated PAT Tester

A great PAT tester when you only need to manually conduct 'dead' testing on an appliance. It is IT safe with a low current earth continuity test and 250V insulation test option. If you have appliances with electronic on/off switches, where the power supply is needed to switch them on (e.g. computers & TVs), then the EZYPAT Plus is the best fit for you.

The Kewtech EZYPAT performs a pre-test status check of the appliance under assessment and testing of Class I appliances, Class II appliances and extension leads can be performed using three separate auto-test sequence buttons. The tester’s clear back lit display shows test results alongside a PASS/FAIL indication and even flashes green or red depending on whether an appliance has passed.

All necessary accessories are supplied including an earth lead, test probe, crocodile clip, extension lead adaptor, and carry case. It is extremely compact which is great for transporting around a large site. The Kewtech EZYPAT testing capabilities are ideal for those with lower-volume PAT testing responsibilities and it meets all pertinent regulatory standards.

Who is this Kit for?
  1. Electricians who want a fast solution to test just the mandatory dead tests, more suitable for commercial office environments and want to record manually (the Free KEWPAT APP is very slick at doing this job).
  2. Small and medium size businesses that undertake their own PAT testing particularly in the commercial office environment.
  3. PAT testing contractors who use the KEWPAT APP or their own fast manual recording systems.
Key Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic test sequences
  • Battery operated - approximately. 1400 tests
  • IT safe with 200mA earth test 250V insulation option
  • PASS / FAIL – Green / Red screens
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Light and ergonomic shape
Key Features
  • Performs Earth bond at 200mA (IT safe)
  • Battery operated
  • Long battery life - approximately. 1400 tests
  • Automatic test sequences
  • PASS / FAIL – Green / Red screens
  • Appliance status pre-check
  • Quick check continuity
  • 5 second continuity
  • 250 V and 500 V insulation
  • Substitute leakage test
  • Selectable substitute leakage limits
  • Extension lead test
  • Test lead nulling
  • Back light
  • Extension lead adaptor
  • Earth Continuity test lead with probe and crocodile clip
  • Carry bag with handle
  • Quick start guide
What's Included
  • Extension lead adapter (EZYEXT) 
  • Earth continuity test lead with probe and croc clip (EZYEARTH)
  • Carry bag with strap
  • 500 Pass labels
  • 250 Fail labels
Weights & Dimensions
  • Boxed Weight: 3.78kg
  • Boxed Dimensions: 320(L)x320(W)x260(D)mm
  • 6 AA Batteries
  • EAN:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Boxed Weight:
  • Boxed Dimensions:
  • Powered:
    Battery operated - 6x AA
  • Battery Life:
    1400 Tests Approximately
  • Pass:
  • Fail:
  • Insulation:
    250V & 500V
  • Type:
    PAT Tester
  • Brand:
  • Condition:
  • Product Code: