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 These automatic demisters are a simple installation job that ensures the mirror is condensation free and is suitable for nearly all mirrors! These low power consumption demisters use half the power of some alternative systems on the market. These are available in a variety of voltages and sizes and mixed and matched to make sure you get the perfect fit for the mirror of choice. There is no thermostat required in standard installations so nothing to fiddle about with afterwards. However it is recommended to get thermostats or a time switch if using for a sustained period of time to prevent overheating. It is suitable for integration with home automation or passive infra red systems. It is completely resistant to moisture, not affected by vibration and persistent against ageing.

 There are many features to this wonderful product, with perfect specifications to match your bathroom. Heat Mat always recommend whilst choosing a size is to of course look for the closest size, but choose the smaller of the two (say if one is bigger and one is smaller) as the demister will need to be covered to remain moisture free, the area will be condensation free plus the additional space around the edges that may not be covered by the demister. As mentioned briefly it is suitable for MOST mirrors, what they mean by “most” is that the thicker the mirror the longer it will take to heat the mirror and remove condensation. However, extra care should be taken when using the funky cut mirrors (e.g suns, moons, blocks, etc) as there is a possibility of weakness in the slimmer areas such as the tails of a sun shaped mirror.

 These would be perfect for hotel projects as they can be wired into bathroom lighting systems or the key-card operated circuit. For projects like this which may have large mirrors covering a wall you can combine multiple units together to cover this, the units must have at least a 10mm gap between them and should be wired in parallel to avoid any issues. These units can be made to order if you have alternative requirements, please don’t hesitate to call us and we can get a price and availability for you. The best part about these units is the simple installation, they have self-adhesive backings allowing you to easily attach it to the reverse of the mirror. If you are planning to use any other adhesive please ensure it is solvent free to prevent it from affecting the units performance. If being used with a safety backed mirror all backing should be earthed and any metal accessories surrounding the mirror only.