Prysmian 385AA Cable Cleats for LSF and XLPE Armoured Cables 10 - 51mm

£6.72 (inc. VAT)

Model: 385AA

TELCLEATS (Black Polyethylene) available in various sizes.

  • Suitable for cables 10-51mm in diameter
  • 8 sizes in range
  • Overlapping self adjusting ranges
  • Sunlight (UV) and weather resistant
  • One piece, single fixing design
  • Can be double stacked on one fixing
  • Operating temperature -70ºC to +70ºC
  • Black low-density polyethylene - unaffected by corrosive environments, oils and many chemicals

Cable and Cleat SelectionCleat Details
Model NumberCable Diameter A (mm)Pack QuantityDimensions (mm)Roundhead woodscrew
for masonry, concrete or wood
ins x No
Screw Cable Tray
BCDSWL(FOS 3)kgfApprox Weight g
385AA0110.514.510015183212172.31 1/4 x 8M4 x 30
385AA0212.216.710017223614223.41 1/2 x 8M4 x 35
385AA0314.619.810021264316325.51 3/4 x 8M4 x 40
385AA0417.724.05025315118408.62 x 8M4 x 45
385AA0521.728.525303757204712.42 1/4 x 12M6 x 50
385AA0626.234.225354365225916.42 1/2 x 12M6 x 60
385AA0731.941.6104252782579242 3/4 x 12M6 x 70
385AA0839.351.1105062912682353 1/4 x 12M7 x 80

Method of Fixing

The cleat is opened up and placed around the cable so that the end of the cleat containing the slot will be in contact with the mounting surface, except for the 385AA01, which should be reversed to put the slot uppermost. In this case an M5 washer should be used to prevent the nut entering the slot of the cleat.

SWL = Safe Working Load
FOS 3 = Values include a Factor of Safety of 3

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