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Wiska MP0100W MPGEL Plus Transparent Insulating Gel Junction Box Filler

£31.19 (inc. VAT)

Wiska MP0100W MPGEL Plus Transparent Insulating Gel Junction Box Filler

MPGel Plus IP 68 junction box filler, kits includes 2 x 500 ml bottles and measuring jug. Suitable to fill COMBI 1210/5 and 1610 with additional MPSG420.

This is the Wiska MP0100W MPGel Plus transparent two-component silicone gel for insulation, fillings, and sealings. Ready to use, re-enterable, easy pouring, separate containers (no waste), excellent electrical insulation, good mechanical strenght, non toxic, no expiry date.

Note COMBI 1610 will require 2 x MP0100W.

Wiska MP0100W - Applications and Advantages

  •     Junction box filler
  •     Electrical insulation on cables and accessories up to 0,6/1 Kv
  •     Electronic boards and component insulation
  •     Very fast cross-linking Re-enterable
  •     Non toxic, Easily pourable
  •     No waste thanks to separate containers, the graduated jug and perforation pouring system
  •     Excellent electrical insulation
  •     Protection from the elements (rain, humidity) from dust and the intrusion of animals, insects, leaves
  •     Good mechanical strength
  •     No expiry date/reuseable after opening

Wiska MPGel Plus Silicone Gel - Technical Specs

  •     High dielectric strength.
  •     High moisture protection.
  •     Dielectric strength: 25.5 kV/mm
  •     Working time at 23deg C: 5min
  •     Polimerization time at 23deg C: 12min
  •     Operating temperature: -60deg to +200deg C
  •     Mixing ratio: 1:1
  •     Up to 1 kV
  •     Volume: 2 x 500 ml
  •     Model: Wiska MP0100W
  •     Two components Gel. CE Mark. RoHS

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    Junction Box IP68 Filler
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    1 Litre
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